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Beginnings come at random, but endings always have a meaning <3
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I upload HQ Asian Fashion Magazine Scans for you! ^_^

Please comment if you download anything! <3


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10th-Jul-2010 04:34 pm - Magazine Scans #94

Scawaii 10-08 Glamorous 10-08Sweet 10-08

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21st-Jun-2010 02:28 pm - This is a TOP post.
I have TOP fever..

So i've been slacking on uploading magazines, I know im awful but i got a couple to upload soon so everyone look out! :D

 TOP's new single Turn It Up just came out on itunes and EVERYONE SHOULD GO BUY IT! $1.99 for the booklet and single! ah go go go!!

I bought it earlier today (after itunes realized they were INSANE to jack the price up to $11.99 and corrected the price..) and i got the booklet and single so i figured i'd upload it because i thought their might've been a lot of people yesterday who just bought the single yesterday because of the itunes price mix-up :)
So even if you download the booklet from here, go and BUY THE SINGLE!!! XD

Its in PDF format
Digital Booklet – Turn It Up

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