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Beginnings come at random, but endings always have a meaning <3
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I upload HQ Asian Fashion Magazine Scans for you! ^_^

Please comment if you download anything! <3


ask me anything on Formspring!

1st-Jan-2020 08:44 pm - A message.


* Update! (September 25,2010):
I no longer upload magazines, past uploads will stay available on this journal

 GD Graphic By: [info]nevaeh86 
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5th-Jan-2011 09:07 pm - Photo Books
Omg I thought I would never finish. I forgot how time consuming and awful it is scanning these things X_X

The S Cawaii eye makeup book has a few pages that are  awful but no matter how many times I scanned them they always came out crooked, so i gave up >.> I tried to fix them the best I could in Photoshop though..

I did not put watermarks on these scans so if you post them on ANY site please credit me: electroxcuute.tumblr.com ^_^ (Tumblr since I don't really use this journal anymore)


Mediafire Mirror:

Please Comment If You Take<3

(Man it used to take me 5 minutes to setup a download post..I'm getting rusty this took way longer than it should have :P )
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23rd-Sep-2010 07:51 pm - Anndd Im Back... Sort of.
I got back from my trip to China Sunday morning, but i haven't been feeling well so I've spent the past few days in between sleeping and playing Halo: Reach. ^_^  I thought i should update everyone about the magazine scans situation. I STILL can not access my account, I've emailed them multiple times in English and Chinese and have not received any information about what is going on. I tried to create a new account just to PM the mods on the site but when i tried it said i didnt have permission to send PMs. I honestly have no idea what to do its been like 2 months since this started.

Now I could continue uploading magazines that are available from free Chinese websites but I don't really see the point. Since they come out way later and they'll probably be uploaded but others faster than what I'll be able to do.  We'll see.. idk what I'm going to do yet. I'm not giving up on my Hudie account yet, I mean I did PAY for it so they should either give me my account or my money back, I'll just keep sending them the same email over and over again in till they reply.

but if anyone has any magazines they want uploaded that came out last month let me know, I'll try to hook you guys up with those at least ^_^
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18th-Aug-2010 11:45 pm - Hiatus

I’ll be taking a one month hiatus starting on Saturday. I’m going to China to visit my sister and take a break before I start acting like a grown-up (lol). So while I’m there I won’t have time to upload any magazines. When I come back sometime mid-September I don’t know if I’ll upload the magazines I missed while I was gone or if I’ll just start uploading the newest issues. I guess it just depends if anyone requests them.

I hope everyone has a good month! ^_^

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18th-Aug-2010 11:41 pm - Magazine Scans #103 + Hiatus
This will be the last magazine batch I'll be uploading until next month.

 Sweet 10-09  Glamorous 10-09  Coming soon.

Please Comment If You Take<3
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8th-Aug-2010 12:51 am - Chinatsu Wakatsuki wallpaper
Just very basic wallpapers feel free to do anything you want to them

4 sizes: 800x600 : 1024x768 : 1280x800 : 1280x1024

This wayyCollapse )

Honestly I wasn't sure what sizes i should make so I Googled it and apparently these are the most used sizes (minus the 1280x800 that's my laptops screen size :P)
If you'd like a different size I wont mind making it for you
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7th-Aug-2010 09:47 pm - Magazine Scans #100
Ahh these have been out for soo long on Hudie but my account is still disabled (I'm still awaiting a response from the Mods about this) but i found them on Vimee!

Popteen 10-09 Happie Nuts 10-09Ray 10-09

Please Comment If You Take<3
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5th-Aug-2010 02:09 am - shishangzazhi website problems..
 So last night i went to check for magazine updates and i got this warning message:

Sorry, your IP address is not within the allowed range, or your account is disabled, unable to access this forum.


I thought maybe since its just a temporary problem because its a Chinese website, stuff like this happens occasionally, I'll just check back tomorrow and everything will be fine. I woke up today and checked shishangzazhi..  

Sorry, your IP address is not within the allowed range, or your account is disabled, unable to access this forum.

Ahh! I dont know whats wrong, I've tried on several computers and i cant even get the website to load i get an error message. 

I have a feeling its a problem with my account though! I used Google Chrome's Incognito mode and went to their website and it worked perfectly fine, so i was like ah ha! i beat the system..now i'll just log in and download this latest magazine and when i typed in my password  

Sorry, your IP address is not within the allowed range, or your account is disabled, unable to access this forum.

NONONO! I dont know why my account would be disabled! I still have over 2000 gold coins so i'll be pretty pissed if its a permanent situation! I'll give it a couple of days and if it doesnt work by then i'll have to figure out a way to contact the Mod on the site (although i dont know how since they wont let me log in at all!!)

But in till then, Magazine uploads might be a little slow because i'll have to get them off the free Chinese sites that upload them a few days after Hudie uploads them :((( Hopefully this all gets fixed soon
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